Monday, March 25, 2013

City Council Preview for March 25, 2013

City Council wraps up the month of March with both a Committee of the Whole session and a Regular Council meeting, the Committee of the Whole session offering the public chance to comment on any items of concern that they may have.

Once the Regular Council session gets underway, Council will have a number of items for review.

From the City Council Agenda  click on the respective page numbers from the City generated agenda to take you to the item of interest.

Among some of the topics for deliberation a number of Applications for Development Variances, one for a residential property on 11th Avenue East and the other involving the proposed erection of a communication tower near Northwest Community College, a review of both can be found on pages 13 to 31.

The Highway pullout discussion will review the plan of the Province to erect a "Welcome to British Columbia" sign and community information billboard near the Prince Rupert Ferry Terminals. You can review more of the proposal from  Page  32

Council will also receive a report regarding the receipt and distribution of the Small Community Grant and Traffic Fine Revenue Grant, you can review the report on pages 35 and 36

Council will the recommendation from the Acting City Manager to act as a partner with the Prince Rupert Garden Club to access funding for work on the Sunken Gardens from a variety of sources. Details of the report and the proposal can be found on pages 36 to 39

The Acting City Manager will provide details of the Monthly Department Report for December of 2012, a breakdown of the various departments and financial items of note surrounding them. You can access the report from Monday's Agenda pages 40 to 44

The Acting City Manager will also review the Budget process moving forward with a number of options for the Council to consider, everything from adding or subtracting from staff and or services, to increasing taxes and fees is reviewed. Details can be found on pages 45 to 49

Council will also hear the Corporate Administrator's recommendation to declare a residence on 7th Avenue East as a Nuisance, clearing the way for demolition and removal of assorted items associated with that property. Details can be examined on pages 50- 55

Council will also review a pair of letters, one from Northwest Community College seeking a letter of support from the City in a quest for funding for a study into invasive species in local waters. A full overview of the planned project and the letter seeking the support of Council by way of a letter can be found on pages 56 to 64 

While Council will also receive recommendation to Proclaim March as Community Social Services Awareness Month, page 65

The session will wrap up with the usual clearance of resolutions from previously closed meetings, a look at Bylaws, a Report from the Acting City Manager on Outstanding Council Initiatives. 

Councillors will then have opportunity to offer up inquiries and reports, or ask questions, with the Mayor bringing the night to an end with his Mayor's report.

In addition to the Agenda items above, you can also review the information package provided to Councillors for this meeting.

March 20, 2013

Among some of the items from to look over from the Information package, a correspondence from the Prince Rupert Port Authority on the topic of the Waterfront East Land Use plans.

More details on the Hecate Strait Business Development's Welcoming Communities Action Plan for Prince Rupert.

Some background from BC Hydro on the Temporary Hold put on the North Coast Transmission Project.

An update on the Police Records Information Management system known as PRIME.

Highlights of the recent Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District Board meeting.

Some background on the preparations from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities prior to the Federal  Budget Day of last week.

Council begins their work tonight with a session closed to the public at 5, the Committee of the Whole and Regular Council session takes place at 7 PM.

You can view it on line from the City's website.

The results of this weeks Council session can be found from our archives here, while a full review of Council Sessions from the year so far can be found here.

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