Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Veniez Bump?

The NDP have found a little support from perhaps an unexpected quarter, that of the word processor of Dan Veniez, a name quite familiar to North Coast residents and one that always seems to provide for mixed appreciation.

The one time head of both the New Skeena Pulp Mill and Ridley Terminals, has remade himself recently, leaving for the moment the world of Industrial stewardship and alternating between quests for Political office and the world of journalism, both print and online.

The latest reincarnation seems to be that of political pundit, with Mr. Veniez frequently weighing in on topics of political note in the province and the nation.

His efforts have been found mainly through a blog he once had, then on to his work on Twitter, the Vancouver Observer and most recently through submissions to the Huffington Post and  The Georgia Straight.

It's from that latter publication where Mr. Veniez's writing can  now apparently be found, his most recent article an advisory for his readers that a potential reign of NDP Leader Adrian Dix should not be feared by those in the Liberal camp and other congregations.

Daniel Veniez: NDP Leader Adrian Dix bears no resemblance to B. C. Liberals' caricature

It was a most affirmative review, complete with a chummy picture of Mr. Dix and Mr. Veniez having perhaps just wrapped up a lively conversation no doubt. An article that seems to have the NDP smitten with their new found friend from the centre/centre left or centre/right, depending on your particular placement of Mr. Veniez's political leanings.

The departing North Coast MLA Gary Coons was quick to post a link to Mr. Veniez's talking points on his twitter feed, complete with links for the #bcndp and #bcpoli threads to make note of.

Of course, it wasn't too long ago that NDP members (and any number of others) of the North Coast  would perhaps see their blood pressure rise at just the mention of Mr. Veniez's name.

His thoughts, back in the day, on the Industrial Revolution Prince Rupert style, left more than a few members of the Prince Rupert Local of the PPWC less than enthralled with his wisdom.

While his efforts a few years back to bring Ridley Terminals to privatization also seemed to galvanize the local union movement and NDP supporters, many with less than glowing reviews for his plans at that time.

Few offered up much in the way of a farewell, when he was moved out of the position by the Conservatives back in 2009.

Of course, Mr. Veniez, who of late has embraced the political stylings of the Federal Liberal party,  seems to have reversed himself on the privatization plan for Ridley Terminals,  especially those now proposed by the Conservatives.

Providing a history lesson from his time with Ridley Terminals and now suggesting that it seems folly to privatize the coal terminal when it is on the cusp of great  financial success.

A theme that Prince Rupert City Council ,  the outgoing MLA as well  as a number of others in the region, whether  NDP supporter or not have adopted as their own on the topic.

So, perhaps it's not as strange as it might have once been, that the NDP will find comfort and cheer in the words of Dan Veniez v. 3.

Still, for those of the past battles, it probably is something to shake a head about this strange ebb and flow of alliances and support and who may be your new, best friend on the political spectrum.

As for the NDP and any possible Veniez Bump from the helpful article. We're not so sure we'd be including it prominently on the endorsement pages, as there's still a fair amount of baggage to be found locally, attached to the past and Mr. Veniez.

Considering the evolving political situation in Victoria, which would seem to indicate that barring some kind of electoral campaign disaster of epic proportions for the NDP, Mr. Dix will form a government and be our next Premier,  a more selective use of the article from Mr. Veniez might be best.

For a party looking to the future, the best approach for his kind words may be to just file the article and endorsement of sorts from Mr. Veniez into the back of the file folder. Making the item, more like a scrapbook memento of notes from the campaign, rather than something to be of any particular use on the campaign trail itself.

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