Friday, March 15, 2013

More exposure for the North Coast from the southern media

We imagine that by the end of this week there won't be many people in Southern British Columbia that don't know about the many and varied industrial projects planned for the Northwestern part of the province.

Earlier this week British Columbia's number one rated talk show host, Bill Good arrived in Prince Rupert for a review of the LNG prospects for the region and further examination of the state of development with the Port of Prince Rupert.

His three and a half hour program examined a number of items of note on the North Coast, you can review them from our archive of his visit to the community.

The coverage that the Good program provided made for a nice backgrounder for residents in other parts of the province who may only have heard about our high unemployment and unpredictable weather patterns over the last few years.

And as the week moved forward, the story of the changing nature of the Northwest economy continued on.

Last night Global TV provided a quick snap shot of the development plans for both Kitimat and Prince Rupert with a feature for the Main Global newscast of 6 PM.  A feature which will no doubt be repeated frequently over the next few days on Global's new province wide (not quite available in Prince Rupert yet) all news channel BC1.

You can review the Newshour's look at the Northwest below.

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