Saturday, March 9, 2013

Time again, to Spring Forward

The twice a year ritual of clock changing has once again arrived, this time around our task, should we decide to accept it, is to move our clocks ONE HOUR AHEAD before we retire for the night.

Most parts of Canada, like many other parts of the world enter the time continuum of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday morning, leaving more than a few of us to suffer for the lack of an hour of sleep at best, more than a few late for work or missing an appointment for Sunday's calendar of events.

The Good news for all of us and something to mark on the calendar, we get the hour back in the fall, when we move the clock back an hour on the first Sunday of November.

The nature of the time change has in itself become the thing of much review, with many an article of interest to the theme to be found to help you while away that hour of sleep you are about to lose.

Some of them can be found below:

National Post-- Four things you might not know about Daylight Saving Time
CTV news-- Change your clocks: Daylight Saving Time returns on Sunday
CITY News-- Time Change this weekend
CBC News-- 5 Daylight Time Facts that will open your eyes
Opinion 250-- Time Change Fogs Drivers' Focus
Yahoo News-- Time to Spring Forward: Five facts about daylight saving time
Vancouver Province-- Tick Tock, change your clock (video)

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