Wednesday, March 18, 2015

BG makes change at the top of its Canadian Unit

Madeline Whitaker from the BG Group
at one of her many past appearances
at Prince Rupert City Council
Some mixed messages regarding one of the proposed LNG projects for the North Coast, as  the BG Group shifts Madeline Whitaker away from the Canadian unit.

The company made its announcement on Tuesday, with word of it relayed through a number of business news websites in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Ms. Whitaker a familiar face at many BG functions and information updates in the community, is heading to England to take on duties at the energy giants headquarters.

The announcement of Tuesday added that the company at this time has no plans to hire a new President for BG Canada.

Two BG employees have been assigned to watch over the Canadian interests for the moment, Matt Sullivan, a Houston, Texas based director and Simon Nish, a VP for sustainability with an office in Vancouver.

The two are familiar with the Prince Rupert LNG project, having worked on it at times over the last five years.

As part of the announcement, company spokesman David Byford told the Reuters news agency that the move does not signal any change to the Prince Rupert LNG project.

Still, removing the main point person for the project, certainly doesn't suggest that there is any shift in thinking towards the timeline for any final investment decision on the project.

The Proposed BG Group
LNG project for
Ridley Island
Those familiar with our archive page, will remember that BG put it's British Columbia plans on pause in October of last year.

Since that time, there has not been much in the way of information released related to what was previously thought to be one of the region's front runners for LNG development.

Earlier this month we reviewed the 2015 Global Overview that was released by BG and noted at the time that the Canadian unit was not mentioned as part of that information update for the year ahead.

Background on the announcement can be found below, as more items become available regarding the move we will add them here.

Reuters -- Head of BG Group's Canadian LNG project leaves, not being replaced

For more items related to the BG Group's Prince Rupert LNG project see our archive page here.

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