Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prince Rupert residents can learn more on Tsunami preparations next week

Living on the North West Pacific fault line places the North Coast in a spot where should there be a major earthquake generated along the coast, the danger of tsunamis could be a very possible event.

Towards better informing the public on tsunami preparations, the City of Prince Rupert along with many other communities on the British Columbia coast will be observing Tsunami Preparedness Week from March 22 to 28.

Tsunami Zones of British Columbia
Organized through Emergency Management BC, British Columbians will receive advice on how to prepare for a tsunami and what to do should one strike the region in the wake of an earthquake.

The full information campaign for next week will make use of a range of social media options to spread word on how to prepare.

A You Tube channel has been created for Tsunami awareness, where more videos such as the one above can be found.

As well engagement on the topic will be available through twitter, Pinterest and flickr

To help with your family preparations, Emergency Management BC has completed and posted online its Earthquake and Tsunami Smart Manual, which you can review here.

For more information on the topic see the Emergency Management BC website here.

For a review of some of the recent seismic events along the BC coast in recent months see our archive page here.

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