Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending March 15, 2015

Only the Port of Prince Rupert could stop the domination of all things Rainmakers when it came to interest on the blog this week.

Of our five most viewed listings on the week, the Charles Hays quest for a Provincial title dominated the viewing patterns for the last seven days.

With only two items related to the announcement of plans to develop Phase Two of the Fairview Container Terminal distracting our audience from its basketball fascination.

And while the Rainmakers were the topic of the week it seemed, leading it all off in our review of the most read items on the blog, the hint of a big announcement from the Port topped our list.

Special announcement planned by Prince Rupert Port Authority for Tuesday --  Just the suggestion that the Port was planning an announcement drove our traffic this week, as speculation percolated through the day Monday (posted March 9, 2015)

That item was followed by:

AAA Senior Boys Provincial Tournament Results  --  The thirst for information on the travels of the Charles Hays Rainmakers delivered a strong number of readers to our tournament archive of the week (posted March 10, 2015)

Prince Rupert Port Authority Announces Phase Two Expansion for Fairview Container Terminal  -- Our review of the Port's expansion plans elbowed some space away from the Rainmakers on the to top five for the last seven days. (posted  March 10, 2015)

Rainmakers Roll into the Quarters with strong Game One performance   -- Our account of the debut match up for the Provincials was a popular item on the week (posted March 11, 2015)

Dance Music stops for Charles Hays, as Top Cats Sir Charles Tupper Tigers end the Rainmakers Run  -- As the Rainmakers gained notice in Langley, our accounts of their work also found a positive spike in the numbers, particularly as Semi-Final Friday came to an end.   (posted March 13, 2015 )

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