Friday, March 13, 2015

Council urged to "think outside of the box" when it comes to some infrastructure issues

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Prince Rupert Annual report
As part of Monday's Council Budget presentation session at the Lester Centre, those residents that took the time to sit in on the evening had opportunity to share their thoughts on budget related items.

One item that came up as part of the public engagement session, was a suggestion to Council that they need to perhaps examine different options when it comes to replacing such infrastructure items as the city's two aging bridges of 2nd Avenue West and 6th Avenue East.

That topic came up as one resident took to the microphone to explain the need to "think outside of the box" calling into question the city's focus on replacing the bridges, when work around surface routes might be a less expensive option.

With the question asked if the City has given thought to alternatives with doing away with the bridges  completely, instead of saying that the bridges need to be replaced. Suggesting that instead the city should consider other access points to those areas in question.

Stressing his concern that council constantly seems to shift to the choice of raising taxes at every budget period, rather than looking for ways to keep taxes at primary levels.

The Mayor provided some background on the topic and also asked Ms. Bomben to provide the City's options when it comes to the bridge replacement issue.

Councillor Cunningham also offered up some thoughts on the topic, suggesting that the city would be examining such alternative concepts by way of surface routes around the bridge.

Especially if it was found that the financial burden would be insurmountable when it comes to any  bridge replacements decisions.

You can review the discussion on the bridge concerns from the City's Video archive, it starts at the 34 minute mark and continues on for about six minutes.

For more items from Monday's Council session see our Council discussion page here.

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