Thursday, March 5, 2015

Public engagement on Prince Rupert housing issues expected by next month

As the two Housing Committees formed by Prince Rupert City Council being their work, a bit of a timeline is beginning to appear as far as reporting back to the community and seeking the input from residents of Prince Rupert on housing issues.

Mayor Lee Brain offered up a short review of the progress thus far of the City's committee work, providing his commentary and observations through his Facebook page on Wednesday.

The Mayor provided a quick update on the activities this week as both committees get down to their work. With the two groups directing their focus to identifying the housing needs in the community and conducting further examination of such items as assisted housing, affordable housing, seniors hounding and the ongoing concern related to the controversial issue of renovictions.

Once the two committees have assembled some of their material the next part of the process will move forward with a public engagement campaign set to be launched sometime next month.

The end goal according to the Mayor is to have everything completed by May, at which point the hope to have a better understanding of the housing needs in the community and what needs to be done to address them.

He added in his overview that there is a desire to work together with local stakeholders to take action to help residents live comfortably in the community in what he calls the face of rapid economic growth.

You can review his full update here.

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