Monday, March 23, 2015

Council to consider Zoning issues related to proposed housing development off of Park Avenue

Location of proposed housing
development off of Park Avenue
Those that have taken a drive along Park Avenue in recent months may have noticed some land clearing taking place in the area between the Park Avenue campsite and the BC Ferry Terminal, a bit of activity that has had more than a few in the city wondering what might be up.

Tonight, we get a bit of a preview, as City Council reviews a report from the City Planner, who will outline the nature of a proposed housing development for about 25 per cent of the land in that area of the city.

And while the meeting this evening is only a preliminary look at zoning issues related to the area, the scope of what may be under discussion is fairly interesting to look over.

The report that City Planner Zeno Krekic will present, will offer up some details on a proposal from The Bryton Group Development Corporation, highlighting their plans for property along that stretch of Park Avenue, a section of Prince Rupert real estate that they recently purchased from Oceanview Developments.

Zoning change will be
required for proposed development
Among their plans for one section of that land, is the extension of Graham Avenue to provide for up to 30 single family residential lots created,  a number of which could have potential views of Prince Rupert harbour.

That extension of Graham Avenue would also create a secondary access route into the existing Section Two residential area.

Should City Council approve the various zoning changes that would be required, it's anticipated that work on the first stage of the redevelopment of the area would get underway immediately.

Further plans into the future would see the applicant look to  further develop low density residential housing and single story residential developments as part of the remaining 75 percent, with a portion of the land also allocated for a possible park with trails connecting to Highway 16.

You can review the full report from the City Planner from the Council Agenda package for tonight, it starts on Page 3 and continues through until page 26.

For more items related to City Council discussions, see our archive page here.

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