Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marine Ecologist from Haida Gwaii to appear at Marine Speakers Series tonight

The Vancouver Aquarium's North Coast Initiative is hosting another session in its ongoing Marine Speakers program, with Lynn Lee, a Marine ecologist from Haida Gwaii on hand to speak on the fascinating life that goes on under the sea.

The talk titled "There's No Free Lunch" will explore the world of sea otters, urchins, abalone and kelp forests that can be found in our ocean.

Ms. Lee will go over some of her research material and other observations that she has compiled on the theme, all part of the work that she is applying towards her PhD on marine studies.

This evening's presentation starts at 7 PM at Northwest Community College and while there may not be a Free Lunch under the sea, there is free admission and free snacks for the discussion on the night.

You can learn more about this evening's presentation and more on the work of the North Coast initiative from their Facebook page.

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