Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blog Watching, Week ending March 8, 2015

Developments with various LNG projects on the North Coast dominated the page hits this week, as three separate stories related to Terminal proposals found a wide audience.

Breaking the LNG discussion, was interest in our outline of some job opportunities recently posted to the city owned communication company CityWest.

Leaving it to a long running story to round out our five top items, with the latest news from Watson Island gathering some attention. The latest focus finds the industrial site entering into the bid stage for Demolition and Salvage, as well as the announcement of opportunities to purchase items from the site.

Leading it all off this week however, word from Petronas that the Lelu Island project may receive a Final Investment Decision sometime in late June.

Petronas puts a mark on the Calendar for end of June for a Final Investment Decision  --  Officials from the Malaysian owned energy company suggest that late June is now the timeline for a Final investment decision for the Pacific NorthWest LNG Lelu Island project (posted March 3, 2015)

That item was followed by:

No mention of British Columbia plans from BG Group Global outlook statement  --  Anyone hoping for some kind of signal that the BG Gas pause on the Ridley Island project was coming to an end will be disappointed to learn that there was no mention of it in the company's most recent overview (posted March 4, 2015)

WCC LNG Tuck Inlet project now in Environmental Assessment phase  -- The CEAA shifts overview to the environmental assessment to British Columbia for the Exxon/Mobil project proposed for the North Coast (posted  March 5, 2015)

CityWest on hiring blitz for March   -- The city owned communication company CityWest put out the Help wanted sign for a number of positions this week (posted March 4, 2015)

Watson Island Demolition and Salvage Notice, as well as Equipment Sale opportunities now posted to Government Bid site  -- While there is no word on the status of the ongoing court proceedings between the City and The Watson Island Development Corporation; the end of the Sunwave days of the past begin to take shape on the industrial site  (posted March 6, 2015 )

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