Monday, March 9, 2015

Cow Bay Marina plan to move ahead after weekend announcement

Announcement of Marina proposal
From Mayor Brain's Facebook page
The NorthWest Growth Conference was the backdrop for announcement from the City of Prince Rupert that a 51 slip itinerant yacht marina is to be constructed in the Cow Bay area behind the Atlin Terminal.

Mayor Lee Brain provided some background on the proposed development through his Facebook page,  highlighting the partnership between the City of Prince Rupert, Community Futures Pacific North West, the Port of Prince Rupert and Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Corporation.

Construction of the project is to start this month, with completion anticipated by the end of July. An official opening for the new facility will take place in the fall.

Broadwater Industries was awarded the contract, no terms related to the contract, or the cost of the project was outlined through the Mayor's information piece of Saturday.

As well, there was no indication from the Mayor's Facebook notice as to the final amount of funding provisions for the project and how much the City of Prince Rupert has contributed to the proposed marina project.

Diagram of proposed Marina and wharf at
Atlin Terminal, from Mayor Brain's Facebook page

Mayor Brain observed that the Marina will include at 600 foot public wharf for all residents to take advantage of, when completed it will add to the available space for visiting mariners. Adding that it is the beginning of a larger strategy to open up access to the waterfront for local residents.

You can review more of his announcement here.

The Marina project for the Cow Bay area has been a fairly long running proposal, with a number of starts and stops, it was originally mentioned back in 2012.

October 13, 2012 -- Marina plans get a cash injection from the Coast Sustainability Trust
August 2, 2012 -- Prince Rupert Marina project receives cash injection

It was frequently championed through his time in office by former Mayor Jack Mussallem, who once again returned to to that theme during the recent Municipal election campaign.

For more items related to developments from Prince Rupert City Hall see our archive page here.

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