Thursday, March 5, 2015

Northwest Growth Conference set to open on Friday

Exhibitors, guest speakers and delegates to the 2015 NorthWest Growth Conference are making their way to Prince Rupert today, as organizers make ready to open the doors bright and early tomorrow morning.

And when they do, they will be launching the first edition of what they hope will be a long running gathering for networking and information exchange.

Taking place at the North Coast Convention Centre on 1st Avenue, along with some sessions at the adjacent Crest Hotel, the conference is designed to help small and medium business access some of the potential of the growing regional economy.

Through the two days of the Conference, participants will take part in a number of presentations and events, a process that could be described as a Boot Camp of sorts, providing access for those in the community to industrial supply chains and other aspects of potential industrial development in the region.

One time North Coast CBC Radio reporter Kevin Brown will return to Prince Rupert for the conference, providing for Master of Ceremonies duties through the two days.

As well Economist/Author Michael H. Shuman will be providing the keynote address to the delegates and participants during the Friday noon hour period.

Another key aspect for the event, is the opportunity for local companies to showcase what they have to offer, which comes by way of the Trade Show aspect of the Conference.

Map of Exhibitors at Northwest Growth Conference
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Events kick off on Friday morning with the Registration and Breakfast session, followed by the Welcoming Ceremony, featuring a number of politicians and community leaders on hand to provide some opening remarks.

From there delegates get down to work, with Networking opportunities, panel discussions on a range of topics and the opening of the exhibitors area covering off the bulk of the morning.

The Keynote Luncheon address for Day One takes place at 11:45, while the afternoon is taken up with more panel discussions related to Growth and Employee recruitment.

The Evening session gets underway at 6 PM, included on the agenda is an opportunity for delegates to sample of some of Prince Rupert's unique food and beverage options as well as an event called a Failure Wake. A potentially engaging session, where lessons that have been learned from concepts that didn't work out are shared, offering up the a number of participants to share some of their stories.

Saturday finds the doors opening up at 7:30 with a Breakfast talk on Branding, while a number of information sessions on a range of business related topics take place through the morning. Those sessions are hosted at a variety of locations at the both the North Coast Convention Centre and the Crest Hotel.

Things break for Lunch from 12:30 to 1:30, with final three hours dedicated towards opportunities to learn more about access to capital and to set up one on one sessions with a business advisor mentor of program coordinator to explore your business options.

Local entrepreneurs will offer up the final panel of the day, as they review some of their thoughts on how to transit from growing pains to goals for the future.

The Closing Ceremony at 4:30 brings the two day conference to an end.

You can review the full agenda and biographies of those participating in the two day conference here.

The project was coordinated between Community Futures of the Northwest, Hecate Strait Employment Development Society and the Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Society and features a number of sponsors that have helped launch the first edition.

Among the listings of those offering support to the project are the City of Prince Rupert, City owned CityWest and the District of Port Edward.

The full list of participating sponsors can be found below.

List of Sponsors to the Northwest Growth Conference
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Prince Rupert City Council received a preview of the NorthWest Growth Conference back in January, you can revisit that presentation here.

More information on the two day conference can be found from the NorthWest Growth Facebook page or from the Hecate Strait Development home page.

For more items related to Commercial Sector developments on the North Coast see our archive page here.

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