Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blog Watching, week ending March 22, 2015

An article this week about a small business that is creating a bit of buzz in the Cow Bay area, was far and away the most popular item of the last seven days, as our look at Posh Pirates sailed its way to the top of the listings.

Far off on the horizon, four remaining items jockeyed for placement on Blog Watching standings.

Our look at a recent trip to Asia from Pacific Future Energy officials  who outlined their proposal for an oil refinery and shipment terminal for the North Coast proved popular, as did some new developments with the Pacific NorthWest LNG file.

Wrapping up the list of five, two items related to City concerns, as our look at a trip to Alaska from a delegation led by Mayor Lee Brain found a strong audience, as did our review of the taxation cap issue that is of high concern for civic officials.

But, Ahoy Matey's, the pirates of posh led all over the last seven days!

Prince Rupert's Posh Pirates showcased in provincial review --  Our look at the attention that a Cow Bay business has received proved to be our most viewed item of the week (posted March 16, 2015)

That item was followed by:

Pacific Future Energy makes Prince Rupert's ocean access a selling point for its refinery proposal  --  A proponent for an oil refinery and shipment terminal for Prince Rupert took their message to Asia, using the North Coast as a key point of the presentation (posted March 19, 2015)

Pacific NorthWest LNG project one of three to participate in development agreement negotiations with BC Government  -- The province looks to create more certainty for prospective LNG developments   (posted  March 16, 2015)

Prince Rupert delegation heads north for Marine Highway discussions   -- Mayor Lee Brain led a delegation from the North Coast to the Southeast Conference talks in Juneau, Alaska (posted March 16, 2015)

Looking for Allies for Prince Rupert's taxation cap fight with the Province  -- A look at the taxation cap issue in Prince Rupert and how the city might find some common ground with other communities  (posted March 17, 2015 )

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