Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Senior Boys Rainmakers claim Third Place ranking in final listings prior to Provincials

As Mel Bishop's Charles Hays Rainmakers run through their final preparations prior to their trip to Provincials, word continues to spread about their quest for a return to the Championship game.

With the latest recognition for Rainmakers finding them once again holding some familiar territory in the weekly Provincial listings.

The final rankings leading up to the AAA Provincial Tournament of March 11-14, were released yesterday and the Rainmaker Squad is listed as Third at the AAA level.  Continuing their time in the top five of much of the year.

The listings were posted to the Vancouver Province Website on Tuesday.

When it comes to the Provincials however, the Rainmakers will be seeded as the number four squad for next weeks tournament, with their first match up Wednesday against Mark Isfeld..

The Rainmakers won't be slipping into Langley as unknowns this year, Sunday's Preview show streamed live across the province, made sure that those making plans for a trip to AAA show were more than aware of the approaching team from the Northwest.

With consistent rankings through year and the flurry of attention from the preview program combined with their run at last years event, the Charles Hays story is getting out there.

All of it making it safe to suggest that the Charles Hays program is now finding a fair amount of review, something that we imagine will continue in the lead up period to the Provincials later this month.

The First of the Tournament previews was also delivered to the Province portal yesterday, as BC's Basketball guru Howard Tsumura offered up some snapshot impressions of what's ahead.

Updates on the Rainmakers can be found on the CHSS Sports twitter feed.

For more of our background items related to the Rainmakers from the season thus far, see our archive page here.

Correction: original item misidentified the final weekly ranking of the Rainmakers at number four, not number three as listed in the Province listings, our apologies for the error.

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