Monday, September 21, 2015

City on the hunt for Junior Economic Development Officer

North Coast residents keep hearing that major growth is on the way, with the City of Prince Rupert having made that mantra part of this years narrative for the first year of the Council elected last November.

And while at the moment, the prospect of economic growth is more of what the business papers would call a forward looking statement, rather than a gold rush of economic development, the Mayor and Council members continue to remind us that they need to prepare for that major growth, adding to some key positions at City Hall as the year has gone by.

This week another chance to join the City Hall team has arrived, with the City looking to add on to the staff at the city's Economic Development Office.

A job posting for a Junior Economic Development Office was posted to the City of Prince Rupert  website on Friday, with the Careers page featuring the background on the position, which will provide the  City's Economic Development Officer Paul Venditelli with some additional help.

The job description highlights a need for an understanding of business and land development issues, proven negotiating skills and experience in developing funding and partnership proposals to name a few of the items listed in the help wanted notice.

You can review the full background sheet below.

A new addition to the growing list of
job opportunities with the City of Prince Rupert
as the City seeks a Junior Economic Development Officer

Beyond those day to day requirements of the Economic Development Office, the Mayor and City staff would appear to be looking to increase their work with other communities in the region, noting in their Job Opportunity ad that the successful candidate will be working with the Economic Development Officer, the Mayor and City Manager, participating with and enhancing the important alliances of the City of Prince Rupert with other communities throughout the Northwest Corridor.

The Deadline for applications for the position is September 30th, you can learn more about the application process here.

The quest for help in the Economic Development office, is just the latest planned addition to the city's workforce announced this year, to the nine month point of the new City council, the city has featured some 20 opportunities either in new positions or replacements for previous positions.

A quick scan of that list can be found here.

For more items related to City Council developments see our Council Discussion page here.

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