Friday, September 18, 2015

Skeena- Queen Charlotte Regional District putting renaming plans in motion

The prospect of changing the name of the Regional Government of the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District has been discussed a number of times in the past, however, for whatever reason the actual process of working towards a new form of identification for the regional body never seems to gain much momentum.

That however, may be about to change, in their August session, Regional Council Directors received a report from Daniel Fish, the Deputy Corporate Officer of the Regional District, addressing the topic, with members of the regional group passing a motion to forward a letter to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development that would outline the Board's intent to change the name of the Queen Charlotte Regional District.

The details in that report, outline some background on the prospect of changing the name and offer up some recommendations that Regional District considered last month.

Among the more notable items related to the renaming and re-branding project is that Northern Development has approved $12,571 towards the program, subject to confirmation of other funding sources.

However, no budget outline, or background notes as to how much the proposed name change may cost is provided in the Regional District in the report.

You can review that report below (click to enlarge)

There  is no indication included in the public record of last month's meeting, as to what kind focus they are looking for when it comes to a new name and what they might be looking for as far as rebranding is considered.

However the minutes of that session do indicate the desire of the Regional District to move ahead with the plan, with the letter to be forwarded to the province requesting information pertaining to the legislative and other requirements of investigating and implementing the name change process.

Regional District holds it's September session tonight, part of its monthly meeting schedule, so there may be an update on the progress of the initiative as part of the discussion this evening.

If they haven't heard back from Minister Peter Fassbender as of yet, Regional District officials can always try and track him down at next weeks UBCM convention in Vancouver.

For other items related to Regional District developments see our archive page here.

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