Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wet, Windy Weekend arriving for North Coast and Haida Gwaii

A Pacific front is making eyes at a portion of the North Pacific coast just north of Ketchikan this weekend and depending on how much of a shift the weather system makes on its way in, will probably determine how much in the way of precipitation and wind will arrive on the North Coast this weekend.

The US National Weather Service offered a "heads up" to
Alaskans living in the Southeast corner of the state on Thursday night

The approaching path of low pressure system provided the Alaska Office of the National Weather Service to issue a special weather statement on Thursday evening, providing some observations for the neighbours to the north (and those below tracking such things) to take note of

The first gusts of wind and precipitation will start in the overnight period, with rain expected to arrive after the midnight hour and continuing on into the start of Friday morning.

As it is at the moment, even without a change in track, Prince Rupert and area would appear to be in store for a wet and windy few days.

With anticipated rainfall amounts for the region to be somewhere around 30 to 40 mm or more, over the course of the first 24 hours, with winds shifting to the southwest late in the afternoon, exposed coastal areas will see winds up to 80 km/h, reducing a bit to 60 km/h in the late afternoon.

A snapshot from the Environment Canada satellite images shows the path of the oncoming system, propelled by some strong energy far into the southwest areas of the North Pacific.

Environment Canada's Thursday satellite image shows the
stream of precipitation heading Northeast, propelled
by some strong energy in the Southern reaches of the North Pacific

The long range forecast for Haida Gwaii, the North Coast and on towards the inland areas of the Northwest suggests that the Rain is here for an extended period, with periods of rain part of our daily routine into the midweek period.

You can get the latest weather information from the Environment Canada website here.

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