Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tax Sale Season set to arrive in the Northwest on September 28th

Should those with delinquent tax accounts not make good to their respective municipalities by the end of the month, there could be a number of properties available for bid across the Northwest by September 28th.

The Tax arrears notices have been making their appearances in regional newspapers over the last few weeks, usually tucked away in the back pages of the classified sections, a final notice if you will for those with outstanding tax amounts to make good, or face the prospect of their property being sold to the highest bidder in one years time.

The City of Prince Rupert has provided an information sheet of the sixteen properties listed for the Tax Sale of September 28th, which you can review here.

More information on the process in Prince Rupert can be found here.

Residents of the District of Port Edward can inquire about the process in that community at the Municipal Hall.

The City of Terrace has also provided a helpful notice of the upcoming Tax Sale posted to the main page of their website last week, you can review that update here.

Terrace has also has a very helpful information sheet  easily found through their website as to how the Tax Sale process works.

Some key points to keep in mind from that helpful information review:

The Purchaser has no legal rights to the property until one year has expired from the date of the tax sale

The owner has one year in which to redeem the property by paying back the upset price, plus interest accrued to date of redemption on the selling price, plus any costs incurred for maintenance, plus taxes advanced by the Purchaser 

If the property is not redeemed within the year, the bidder (Purchaser) is reminded that the Property Transfer Tax is payable. Further information is available from the Collector or the Consumer Taxation Branch

The Property Tax Sale process is explained through the  Local Government Act (see here)

While more Background on the Property Transfer Tax Act can be found here

Of the communities of the Northwest, Prince Rupert appears to have the largest volume of properties listed for this years Tax Sale process.

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