Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UBCM Talking Points 2015

As the province's municipal leaders, along with a string of BC government and opposition members take part in the UBCM convention, we will offer up items of interest from the Whistler gathering below.

Original items of note for the North Coast will be highlighted in red and marked by our blue NCR icon, allowing you to find them with a quick scan.

Other items related to North Coast and Northwest involvement from other media sources will also be found in Red typeface.

Readers of the blog can also find updates on information from UBCM through twitter and the #UBCM hashtag...


September 26 -- Lots of cash on table at municipalities meeting


September 25 -- Mayor's vision and Prince Rupert's future noted in Premier Clark's UBCM address Friday  NCR
September 25 -- Premier unveils millions to deal with crime, wildfires, rural areas
September 25 -- Christy Clark puts emphasis on economy in speech to municipal leaders
September 25 -- B. C. Premier brings gifts for small-, medium-sized communities
September 25 -- Whistler's Syrian refugee resolution passes at UBCM
September 25 -- Clark promises more help for rural B. C.
September 25 -- Prince George resolution passed over at UBCM
September 25 -- Clark spends on rural communities, fire prevention
September 25 -- Township of Esquimalt wins partnership award at UBCM
September 25 -- Province to fund urban deer projects
September 25 -- Make businesses pay recycling fees, UBCM tells province
September 25 -- Politicians stand against rape culture, step forward as victims
September 25 -- UBCM delegates hear concerns on how City Council's may be approaching Open government  NCR


September 24 -- Make recycling scofflaws pay up, UBCM urges
September 24 -- Horgan promises Crown land for housing
September 24 -- Photo days at the UBCM  NCR
September 24 -- Cities vote against carbon tax hike at UBCM convention
September 24 -- Rental incentives eyed by province as housing cost relief tool
September 24 -- B. C. NDP leader vows to be 'genuine partner' with cities
September 24 -- Horgan woos cities
September 24 -- Horgan vows to work with cities, municipal leaders vote to scrap local government auditor
September 24 -- NDP would get rid of auditor general for local government's office if elected
September 24 -- Biosolids protest moves to Vancouver as resolution comes before UBCM
September 24 -- City of Surrey receives two Excellence Awards from UBCM
September 24 -- Whistler's Mayor to rally UBCM to Syrian refugee cause
September 24 -- Surrey initiatives earn UBCM awards
September 24 -- Fewer raw logs, more funding on UBCM agenda


September 23 -- Municipalities should say Yes to property tax reform, but No to a race to the bottom
September 23 -- Councillors who meet privately likely breaking the rules, says lawyer
September 23 -- B. C. to pursue Internet voting at municipal elections
September 23 -- Municipal leaders call for environmental bill of rights for clean water, air and food
September 23 -- Should online voting be available in B. C.?
September 23 -- B. C. cities ask province to consider environment, mental health, Internet voting
September 23 -- Inside the UBCM: a rookie visit
September 23 -- Invermere puts birth control on UBCM agenda
September 23 -- Second Okanagan Lake Bridge Crossing Discussed at UBCM Convention
September 23 -- Kootenay's bring concerns to UBCM
September 23 -- Rental incentives eyed by province as housing cost relief tool
September 23 -- Local politicians split over environmental 'rights'
September 23 -- Online voting gets tepid thumbs up at UBCM
September 23 -- Merritt, demonstrators fight biosolids, arguing sewage sludge unsafe
September 23 -- New local auditor general named; majors to vote on scrapping office


September 22 -- Sidney wins Open for Business Award at UBCM
September 22 -- Poverty funding, refugee loans top of mind for Surrey council at UBCM convention
September 22 -- Municipalities, natives, deserve say on oil-spill plans
September 22 -- Marijuana leadership void 'leaves room ' for cities
September 22 -- Concept of island bridges gains traction
September 22 -- West Kelowna bends premier's ear
September 22 -- B. C. municipalities to vote on motion to eliminate local audit office
September 22 -- Rio Tinto Alcan water licence needs to change, says Vanderhoof Mayor after almost $!M in flood damage
September 22 -- UBCM convention makes for five days of discussion on municipal issues NCR
September 22 -- Prince Rupert Council to raise a number of issues at UBCM  NCR


September 21 -- BC Municipalities calling for more federal cash, better oil spill response
September 21 -- UBCM Gets Underway in Vancouver (video)
September 21 -- Prince George Council takes message to UBCM
September 21 -- Prince George's UBCM Great Expectations
September 21 -- Kamloops Council takes two resolutions to this week's UBCM convention
September 21 -- B. C. hopes to accelerate First Nations treaty negotiations, UBCM told
September 21 -- UBCM asked to pressure province to review Site C Lands

Pre Convention Notes:

September 20 -- Good Timing: With Federal election on, Union of B. C. Municipalities convention offers leverage to local governments
September 20 -- Mayors to press press BC Premier Christy Clark on wildfire prevention
September 20 -- UBCM Meeting should stick to potholes
September 19 -- Ideas will abound at UBCM convention
September 19 -- Kelowna Mayor defends spending
September 19 -- Penticton Council going to UBCM
September 18 -- Deer issue headed for UBCM debate
September 17 -- Kimberly Mayor McCormick off to UBCM
September 17 -- Communities want Pine Beetle Money (video)
September 17 -- Metro Vancouver Politicians ask port to consult with them about farmland
September 15 -- Municipalities meeting, the Terrace talking points for UBCM (video)

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