Friday, September 18, 2015

North Coast residents to Run/Walk in memory of Terry Fox this Sunday

The third Sunday of the month of September has a special place in the hearts of Canadians, as across the nation, participants of all ages will take to the streets of their communities to remember the life of an extraordinary Canadian

This Sunday is the annual Terry Fox Run, a national event and one that North Coast residents take to with a lot of enthusiasm, with this years event marking the 35th Anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.

Northern Savings Credit Union is one of the key organizers behind the annual run locally and this years event, like those of the past will start from their Third Avenue West location.

The route this year takes participants through the streets of the eastern side of the city, into the  Cow Bay section and back to the Credit Union by the following route:

Starting at Northern Savings Credit Union go up McBride, take a left on 4th East, proceed to Hays Cove Circle, cross the 6th Avenue bridge and then head back to Northern Savings via George Hills Way (waterfront) and Cow Bay area.

There will be route markers along the way to keep participants on course to the finish line.

The Terry Fox Run takes place this Sunday with a route
that covers a portion of the east side of the city back
to the Northern Savings Credit Union on 3rd Avenue West

This years event starts at 1 PM with last minute Registration available one hour previous at the Credit Union.

The Northern Savings Credit Union Facebook page has more background on this year's event. As well the Credit Union has details on the planned Haida Gwaii run that day.

This year there is a regional challenge in place, with City of Terrace Mayor Carol Leclerc issuing a challenge to all of the communities of the Northwest to help raise funds through the run, a challenge which Mayor Lee Brain accepted on behalf of the City of Prince Rupert.

Mayor Brain noted for TV 7 earlier this month that this community is one which has had strong participation in the Terry Fox run and that he suspects this year will be no exception.

The National feed of CBC Radio offers up a fascinating item fore review available here, a fifty five minute audio documentary from the program Rewind, commemorating Terry Fox and his marathon of hope, well worth the listen it provides a glimpse as to why his name and his journey continues to keep hold of Canadians thirty five years later.

You can find more information about Sunday's event from the Facebook page created for the Prince Rupert Run.

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