Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vancouver Sun preparing story on Petronas described as "Explosive"

The Vancouver Sun plans to run
a major two part story on Petronas
starting tonight
Update: Story is now posted to the Vancouver Sun website.

North Coast residents with an interest on LNG developments will be clicking onto the Vancouver Sun website tonight at 9 PM, with the province's leading newspaper promising what they call explosive revelations about Petronas, the parent company of Pacific NorthWest LNG which is looking to build an LNG terminal at Lelu Island on the North Coast.

In a preview piece posted to the Vancouver Sun website today, the Sun outlines that its focus will be on some of the problems that the company is facing in its home base of Malaysia.

The Malaysian energy company Petronas
will be the focus of a two part series in
the Vancouver Sun this week
Co-written by reporters Peter O'Neil and Gordon Hoekstra, the story will reportedly make use of a 732 page internal audit that the Sun obtained, a document that the Sun notes will highlight a number of structural and safety issues when it comes to the oil and gas platforms that the company operates on the Malaysian coast.

The preview notes that the Sun will also report on the reaction to their story from Petronas, as well as from the British Columbia Government, an environmental group, two technical experts and a political analyst who specializes in Malaysian politics.

The preview snapshot can be found here.

The start of the two part series will be posted to the Vancouver Sun website at 9 PM tonight, with the print run to follow on Friday and Saturday.

You can find more notes on developments related to the Pacific NorthWest LNG proposal from our archive page.

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