Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Prince Rupert Environmental Society to host film on environment, followed by discussion on Lelu Island Occupation

The camp currently set up on
Lelu Island will be the focus of
a Prince Rupert Environmental Society
Event on Wednesday at NWCC

(photo from event Facebook page)
The Prince Rupert Environmental Society is offering up some background on the current occupation group that has set up a camp on Lelu Island, with an information session planned for this Wednesday evening at Northwest Community College.

With Lelu Island dominating the news in recent weeks, both through the occupation camp and recent moves by the Lax Kw'alaams Band Council to seek title to the Island and Flora Bank region, Wednesday evenings plans should provide for more background on what the issue is all about, with one of the key participants of the camp set to tell his side of the Lelu island story.

The information session features a screening of the film Northern Grease, an independent documentary project that features three adventurers who combine snowboarding, surfing and environmental awareness, as they travel across British Columbia and Alberta to learn more about resource extraction and potential resource alternatives.

The film features Tamo Campos (grandson of David Suzuki), John Moorhead and Jasper Snow Rosen as they embark on their journey to the resource areas of the two provinces to learn more about industrial activity taking place.

You can get a sample of the film from the clip found below:

Following the screening of the film, a discussion will be held related to the current stand being taken on Lelu Island, with two speakers planned for that segment of the evening's presentation.

Scheduled to speak at Wednesday evenings are Midori and Tamo Campos, as well as Don Wesley (Sm'ogyet Yahaan) hereditary chief from Lax Kw'alaams, one of the members of that community involved with the current camp on Lelu Island.

Mr. Wesley will be providing an outline as to why he has taken the action on Lelu Island that he has and will be answering questions as part of the evening's activities.

You can learn more about Wednesday evening's plans from the Facebook Page created for the event by the Prince Rupert Environmental Society.

The event gets underway at 7:30 at the NWCC campus downtown on 5th Street

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