Thursday, September 24, 2015

Photo days at the UBCM

With many of the province's municipal politicians gathered in one place this week, a large number of the delegates to the UBCM convention are taking the opportunity for discussions with BC Government ministers and of course the obligatory photo to commemorate the event.

While there are many events and seminars to attend to, when it comes to getting that memorable photo of the week's event Premier Clark is apparently the one must have selfie for the week.

At least if the flow of photos from the BC Government photo site this week are any indication, with many city council members from around the Northwest settling in for a snap shot with Christy Clark.

Terrace Council members meeting with Premier Clark
and other Provincial officials
Premier Clark and members of Kitimat Council at UBCM
Houston council gets a few moments with the Premier at UBCM
Port Edward gets its moment with Premier Clark
The Premier with a couple of Rupertites at UBCM

Still to be archived for the photo history book however are some photos of the Prince Rupert Council delegation, which to this point haven't it seems made it into hit rotation on the BC Government photo feed.

Making we guess for Prince Rupert to be the Waldo, in the UBCM version of Where's Waldo ...

Update 4 PM: Finding Waldo edition!!

The Prince Rupert delegation met with the Premier, as well as Ministers Fassbender, Stone and Coleman on Thursday.

The Prince Rupert City Council delegation meets
with the Premier and Ministers at UBCM

For more background on some of the discussion points to this point from the various sessions of the UBCM gathering see our archive page here.

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