Thursday, September 24, 2015

Morning earthquake of 5.5 magnitude rumbles along fault line off Vancouver Island

A strong 5.5 magnitude earthquake has rumbled along the Pacific Ocean fault line 200 kilometres west of Port Hardy this morning, the third and strongest of the seismic events of the week.

The quake was recorded at 6:48 this morning, in much the same area as those of Tuesday and Saturday, once again with a depth of 10 kilometres.

No Tsunami is expected from the event of this morning.

As with the previous earthquakes in the same area this week, no reports, to this point, have been received from any of the communities on Vancouver Island as to if anyone noticed the morning event.

You can review some of the recent seismic activity off the North Pacific region from our archive page here.

Update: Residents of Port Hardy reported light shaking related to this morning's event.

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