Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Never mind fall, SEARS wants you to think Christmas!

Christmas is coming!
The Sears Wishbook has begun
to arrive around the region
Yet one more sign is arriving to tell you that yes, your summer is officially over, the SEARS  Wishbone is making its way to mailboxes across the city this week.

And with it, all hopes for a night of focus on the homework was probably lost (or soon will be) at many a North Coast home, as youngsters staked out their claim to the toy section, highlighting their hopes for a Christmas eve delivery.

Those who have seen many a Christmas wish book arrive in their mailbox over the years will probably notice that this year's edition continues the recent practice of a slimmed down catalogue, this years version about half the size of what would have arrived not even a decade ago.

Still, there's enough material among the 520 pages to get that list making underway, with the first draft of the letter to Santa probably already complete and ready for fine tuning.

With toys the main attraction of the Catalogue, both for children (and adults too in some sections) to go along with the fashion options, sporting goods and electronics that make up the bulk of the Wish Book collection this year.

For those counting the days, there are but 100 days to go before your early morning wake up call to unwrap the result of the Wish Book's suggestions.

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