Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lumber shipments through Port of Prince Rupert should see boost with reopening of Terrace sawmill

Skeena Sawmill in Terrace will
resume production later this month
A much anticipated announcement of the re-start of the Terrace saw mill has finally taken place, with Skeena Sawmills set to resume operations next week after a two month long hiatus.

The Terrace Standard outlines the nature of that planned return to work, which when at full capacity will see some 30 truck loads of logs process into various forms of lumber, with 80 per cent of it destined for Asia.

The reopening of the sawmill will be felt around the Northwest, beyond the direct jobs at the Terrace operation, with logging contractors and those that provide other services to the industry set to see more work as well.

With the shortest route to those Asian markets the Port of Prince Rupert, the prospects for shipments through the port and for local shore workers should see a boost in the months to come.
Shipments of lumber through the
Port of Prince Rupert could soon be
on the increase with re-start of
the Terrace sawmill

As well, the secondary industries associated with lumber shipments such as container stuffing and trucking should also find a bit of jump in activity as the Terrace sawmill comes back online.

The resumption of value added work in the forestry sector is a welcome thing for the region, the product that will be flowing out of Terrace through the fall helps to provide a bit more of a balance to the amount of raw log shipments that make up much of the industry at this time.

The Terrace sawmill had been closed since July.

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