Monday, September 21, 2015

Latest election predictions have Nathan Cullen comfortably ahead of rivals in Northwest

The election campaign across Skeena-Bulkley Valley has been a fairly low key affair to this point, with few real local issues having been raised to capture the attention of the voters.

The candidates for the most part appear to have been content to just maintain the party platforms and talking points from the national office.

Most likely a safe strategy for any of the candidates seeking office, though it does appear to be providing for a fairly strong cushion for the incumbent MP Nathan Cullen.

And while they are making appearances across the riding, as far as discussion points for the campaign to this point, the majority of the information flow is coming from their social media sites, with the occasional social event making for much of a candidate's presence in many of the communities of the region.

With less than one month to go until voters head to the ballot box, the national political site has been providing data on riding's across the country with the vote projection for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley finds Mr. Cullen significantly ahead of his four declared rivals for the constituency.

Mr. Cullen is projected to grab 61 percent of the vote on October 19th, with Tyler Nesbitt who is carrying the flag for the Conservative party to gain 25 percent, followed by Brad Layton of the Liberal party at 8.2 percent. 

Christian Heritage candidate Donald Spratt is tagged to crack just under the 1 percent range, and Jeannie Parnell the newly declared candidate for the Green Party, would claim close to five percent of the vote.

Such is the margin of Mr. Cullen's lead, the most recent data shows that even a best case scenario for his opponents wouldn't bring them very close to his totals, with the Conservatives perhaps moving up to 28 percent, with a Liberal bump and that of the Green Party mainly an incremental shift of less than a few percentage points if that.

The data is provided as part of their larger overview of information related to the upcoming vote, reviewing the flood of polls that have been released in recent weeks.

On the national scene the most recent findings make the Federal election of 2015 almost a virtual three way tie, with seat projections finding the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP all in line to grab almost an equal amount of seats if current trends continue.

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