Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Latest developments for Aurora LNG project available at tonight's Open House

Aurora LNG is exploring
the prospect of placing
an LNG Terminal on
Digby Island
A proposed LNG terminal project for Digby Island will be the topic for tonight's Open House, as officials from Aurora LNG, the Chinese led group that hopes to develop the project host interested members of the community at the North Coast Convention Centre.

The Open House which runs from 4 until 8 PM today, will provide updates for local residents as to some of the preliminary work that has taken place on Digby Island over the last few weeks, as Aurora LNG begins the process of determining whether the location will be suitable for their Terminal development plans.

Geo technical crews are expected to continue their work at the proposed site through the final three months of the year, flagging archaeological and heritage resources in the area as part of their examination of the site.

You can learn more about that work from our blog item of August 18th

Prince Rupert's North Coast
Convention Centre is the venue
for tonight's Aurora LNG Open House
The Aurora project is currently in the submission of comments phase for its draft application, that opportunity for those in the community to provide their thoughts on the proposed development started on September 1st and continues until October 1st.

Tonight's presentation will be one that could be a politician free event, with the majority of the North Coast's local elected officials in Vancouver attending the annual UBCM convention.

We have more background related to tonight's Open House available here.

Aurora LNG has provide a Fall update on the proposed development available through their website here.

For more information on the proposed Terminal development for Digby Island see our archive page here.

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