Friday, September 18, 2015

Rainmakers Rugby season launches tonight

The fall rugby season takes to the pitch this weekend as the Charles Hays Senior Boys and Girls Rainmakers jump into the scrum for a new season.

The weekend launches this afternoon at 4 PM as teams from Smithers, Vanderhoof and Terrace begin to arrive on the North Coast, with all action taking place at Patullo Field between the Prince Rupert Middle School and Civic Centre complex.

The Senior Girls play Vanderhoof and Smithers in the ice breaker games for the new year.

While Prince Rupert's version of Friday Night Lights (without the lights and in the midst of the rain) takes place at 4 PM and features the Senior Boys taking on Smithers, with the Senior Boys taking on Smithers on Saturday.

You can follow the latest developments with Rainmaker Sports from their twitter feed.

Through the 2015-16 School season, we'll be updating items about Rainmaker sports on our archive page which you can follow here.

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