Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Funding opportunities now available for Festival organizers across Northern BC

The lively Northwest Arts scene could see more festivals in the future, that should local organizers find success with a new program offered by Northern Development Initiative Trust.

The program called "Fabulous Festivals and Events" provides non-profit organizations with up to $2,500 in grant funding to support unique events and festivals throughout Northern British Columbia.

The main focus of the initiative is to support registered non-profit organizations that host home grown festivals and events that promote or strengthen the unique nature of the community. Organizers of the festival or event must demonstrate an economic benefit for the community, community support, engagement and inclusiveness, with the funding received to used to increase capacity of the event.

Prince Rupert events could soon
benefit from additional funding
opportunities with NDIT
There are a few conditions to the funding opportunity, events that don't meet the parameters for receiving support are those that are in their first year of operation or are fundraisers, events that are political in nature, or events that are replicated through the province or country and events that are directly organized by a local government.

The $2,500 in funding is available for each calendar year and applicants can apply again in the following year should they be approved in their initial approach.

You can find out more about the program from the Northern Development Initiative Trust website, included in the material available for download are an application guide, application form and reporting form.

You an also contact Northern Development at 250-561-2525 

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