Monday, October 5, 2015

Fire Prevention Week Underway across British Columbia

The month of October is known for a number of things across BC, Thanksgiving celebrations, Halloween festivities and for this week, five days dedicated towards education and awareness on fire prevention across the province.

The North Coast like other communities in British Columbia is observing Fire Prevention Week starting today through until October 10th, a chance for schools to practice their Fire Drills and discuss fire safety, as well as a timely reminder for those at home to make sure that their smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are in working order.

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue makes the most of the week to reinforce its fire safety message, probably something that most likely goes back to the early days of the formation of the city's fire service back in 1908 and something that was part of their efforts long before the need for an actual week
designated for such things.

Whether it's through engagement with students at area schools, or receiving local groups such as the Cubs, Brownies and others at the Fire Hall, Prince Rupert's fire fighters are always available to share knowledge and review home fire safety planning.

Emergency Management British Columbia is also taking part in the awareness campaign this year for Fire Safety, with a number of resources for teachers and parents to share with children to help produce a fire safe mindset.

The National Fire Protection Association in the United States has produced an information video to also provide some helpful assistance towards the cause of fire fire safety around the home.


Locally as the week moves forward, you may find more background on local notes of interest on Fire Safety from the Prince Rupert Firefighters Facebook page.

Those with an interest in the history of the Prince Rupert Fire Department can explore some of the background to the local service through the Fire and Police Museum adjacent to the City's Fire Hall on First Avenue West.

The City also provides a short look back at that history, as well as an overview of the workings of the modern service from the City of Prince Rupert website.

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