Monday, October 5, 2015

Work continues on Cow Bay Marina project

The pedestrian finger dock
can be seen taking its place
in Prince Rupert harbour
as part of the Cow Bay marina
You can look, but you can't walk on it just yet.

A sun filled weekend such as the one that was just provided for the North Coast might have made for the perfect opportunity for a walk along what one day will surely be a high traffic area around Cow Bay.

But for this past weekend and just ahead of the Thanksgiving long weekend, there is still be no access allowed yet to the still under construction Cow Bay Marina.

Residents can however, get a good visual outlook now from the Atlin Terminal boardwalk as to what the finger dock and marina berths will look like, with much of the project now complete.  Featuring white topped pillars holding the entire structure together, the finger dock as promised provides for the focal point of the development, with a number of smaller areas adjacent destined for use by pleasure craft.
Work is nearing completion on the
Cow Bay Marina project

The original completion date had been set for July, but delays in construction clearly put the project behind schedule with perhaps a fall opening still a hopeful thing, though the traditional nasty weather of October and November may take the thrill out of the adventure for residents and visitors for the short term.

And while there has been no further update on the project from the City in recent months, completion must be getting closer, as we outlined on the blog recently, the City has recently launched a search for a Marina Manager.

Once finally opened, the facility should make for an impressive site on the Prince Rupert waterfront, making for an impressive attraction for the 2016 Tourism season.  When it is in operation, it will no doubt be fascinating for land lovers to watch from above, as the vessels large and small navigate the inner portions of the Cow Bay Marina area as they arrive and depart the new facility.

You can review some of the past items related to the project's development below:

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