Friday, October 9, 2015

Oho goes North, storm number two charts its course

Prince Rupert appears to have been spared the wrath of the remnants of Hurricane Oho, the strong Pacific front veered north towards Alaska after passing by Haida Gwaii overnight, with no reports to this point of any major damage and only scattered power outages in some areas of the islands and Central Coast to show for the journey.

Satellite photos from Environment Canada show
that the remnants of Hurricane Oho have tracked
away from the North Coast and on to Alaska

The strong winds and heavy rains anticipated for the North Coast in the overnight period never really amounted to much more than a typical fall storm for the region, however, Environment Canada is still calling attention to another storm system currently setting up off the coast.

Environment Canada still
has a good portion of the
North Coast under weather warnings
While that system decides where it is planning to go, a Wind Warning currently is in place for the region with strong winds developing over Haida Gwaii still anticipated to spread to the North Coast, though the window for that warning seems to be nearing a close for the moment.

Storm Number two may be followed by a third system, if the projections from Thursday still hold true providing for the possibility of yet some more nasty weather through the weekend.

The current forecast calls for rain at times heavy today, with the risk of a thunderstorm later in the afternoon with the potential for 30 mm of rain through the day, those conditions will continue into the evening with a further 30 mm of rain expected for the area.

The Rain continues through the weekend

The full forecast can be reviewed here.

As things develop off the coast we'll keep an eye on the advisories and pass on the latest updates as they become available.

For more background on the weather systems of the past on the North coast see our archive page here.

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