Friday, October 2, 2015

Savings on Sailings through October with BC Ferries

Travellers in and out of Prince Rupert
can access half price fares on the
Northern Expedition this month

Yesterday marked the start of a one month promotion on the passenger fares for the Northern routes of BC Ferries, with the Ferry Corporation offering 50 per cent off of the regular fares.

The discount pricing is in effect for the Inside Passage, Haida Gwaii and Alliford Bay-Skidegate routes as well as the Discovery connector.

The one month promotion will save travellers of the Prince Rupert to Port Hardy run $73.75 through the month including the Thanksgiving Weekend, travel to Haida Gwaii from Prince Rupert will save passengers $43.75.

The October price reduction is serving as a test run if you will, for plans by BC Ferries to introduce flexible fares in 2016.

“We are planning to start rolling out with our Fare Flexibility and Digital Experience Initiative in 2017, and this promotion will help us measure our customer’s reaction to discounted travel opportunities in off-peak periods,”  ... “In the future, we plan to move to a variable pricing model commonly used in the transportation and travel industries, so promotions like this one will introduce customers to fare flexibility when they travel with BC Ferries.” -- Mike Corrigan, BC Ferries’ President and CEO outlining what BC Ferries will be watching for with the introduction of an October discount on the Northern routes of the Ferry Service.

The chart below outlines the various savings on a number of Northern runs through the month.
(click to expand)

You can review the full details of the one month offer here.

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