Friday, October 2, 2015

Spikes and Volleys for CHSS across the Northwest this weekend

The High School Volleyball season goes into full steam ahead this weekend, with a number of Charles Hays Secondary teams ready to hit the court.

Locally, the Rainmakers Jr Boys will be taking on Centennial Christian on Saturday with the first of two games on the day set to start at 10 AM. 

The Smithers  school volleyball program is gaining some serious attention this fall in the Vancouver Province's weekly rankings, with their Senior Boys squad currently ranked at 6th place in the province.

And while the rankings are focused on the Senior play, keeping an eye on those coming up the line is always an indication of a school's success.

While the Junior Boys are hosting Centennial Christian at the Charles Hays gymnasium, two of three other Rainmaker teams will be on the road.

As the Junior Girls are off to Hazleton for Saturday games, while the Senior Girls will be in Smithers.

The Senior Boys have the weekend off from competitive play.

For more on how the Rainmakers are doing see the CHSS Sports twitter feed.

More background items on the Rainmakers can be found from our archive page here.

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