Thursday, January 7, 2016

Province seeks applicants for Prince Rupert Port Board position

A chance to start the New Year off with a new challenge could be but a few clicks away, as the Province of British Columbia puts in motion its application process for a position with Board of the Prince Rupert Port Authority.

The notice for interested applicants was posted to the Provincial Government' Board Resourcing and Development Office website in mid December, with an online application form available for those that may be interested.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority Board position is one of 300 public agencies which the Province makes appointments to, with the sourcing of applicants handled through Resourcing and Development Office.

You can learn more about the Appointment Process here.

Board positions which are considered Part-Time, are made by appointment, with seven Directors in total.

Federal, provincial and municipal appointments  account for one position each, with the remaining spots filled by the Federal Minister by way of consultation with stakeholders.

Last year, the City of Prince Rupert announced the appointment of John Farrell as the City's representative to the Board, Mr. Farrell replaces Maureen Mackerenko, who served a number of years in the position.

You can get a glimpse of the nature of the Compensation formula for Directors from Page 34 of the Consolidated Financial Statement here.

As well, some background on past Qualifications for the positions can be found here.

For items related to developments with the Prince Rupert Port Authority see our archive page here.

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