Tuesday, March 29, 2016

City's Housing Committee gets closer to delivering Report to Province

At the end of last week's Prince Rupert City Council session, Mayor Lee Brain provided the latest of reports for Council on the progress of on the work of the affordable housing Committee in town.

Mayor Brain noted that there are two streams in place at the moment, one to construct an actual physical new affordable housing development the type of which has still to be determined,  noting that the city has identified a few lots available to be donated for development, whether it be Seniors Housing or assisted living which still have to be discussed

Adding that he will be calling Council together for a workshop on that concept, in order to determine where to go from that point.

The Mayor observed that the second stream will focus on services around affordable housing and what supports that those that live in assisted living will require.

A Draft Report on those items compiled by the Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society and will soon be forwarded to the Provincial government, Council will review the Draft Report and then come up with a concept on affordable housing to bring the two streams together.

Mayor Brain also made note of the planned funding initiatives from the Federal Government and how the City may have an opportunity to access some of that capital that may be available.

You can review the Mayor's presentation to Council from the City's You Tube Council archive page, the housing discussion starts at the 55 minute mark.

While the Prince Rupert Committee gets closer to providing the Draft Report for the Province to move its housing initiatives forward,  progress is being found in a couple of other Northwest communities.

Both Kitimat and Terrace continue to work towards addressing their own affordable housing concerns. The two communities to the east seem to be making some strong progress in their plans, with zoning issues and project designs now in the formative stage.

In Kitimat, the Regional District noted that a local hotel complex in the community may soon be turned into affordable housing to address the needs there.

Kitimat considers rezoning for affordable housing project

While Terrace and two non-profit groups are working on plans for a Southside housing development.

Affordable housing project for Southside

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