Monday, March 7, 2016

Council to review rates structure for Cow Bay Marina at tonight's Council Session

With the new Cow Bay Marina behind the Atlin Terminal now open to the public and awaiting the upcoming tourism season,  Prince Rupert City Council will be looking to set out the terms of fees for the upcoming year, as Council members review the recommendations from City staff at tonight's council session.

In a report to Council to be reviewed tonight, the City's Financial Office will provide some background not only on the operations of the Marina but seek Council's approval for the rate structure for those that use the new waterfront docks.

In the overview, the City's CFO Ms. Corinne  Bomben notes that a representative of the Marina attended the Boat Show in Seattle to share word of the new North Coast option and provide guidance to interested mariners as to the recommended rates, with the CFO advising that both the facility and the proposed rates were apparently well received

Council will look tonight to approve the
rates of use for the city's new
Cow Bay Marina
The new facility with slips for a potential of up to 51 vessels depending on size was recently opened to the public, with Marty Bowles named the Marina Manager for the site responsible for the Day to Day operations.

With the spring almost upon us, it's anticipated that the new facility will soon be finding travelling vessel operators making Prince Rupert a stop on their itinerary and when they pull into the Cow Bay Marina, the rates if approved by Council tonight will be on par with other facilities on the coast.

To determine what rates to set City staff examined what 20 other marinas along the coast assess visiting mariners, using that data to determine what rate to propose for the Cow Bay facility.

The final review has provided for the following rate structure.

Annual Mooring rate for a 12 month period will be 9.50 pert foot/per month

Short Term Mooring rates

Winter -- October 1 - March 31 $8.50 per month
Summer -- April 1 - September 31 1$10.50 per month

A look at all of the costs related to use of the Cow Bay Marina can be found below:

You can review the full report for Council from the Agenda package for tonight's session found here, the review starts at page 31.

Schedule of Rates for
Cow Bay Marina

(click to expand)
Schedule of Rates for 
Cow Bay Marina

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More background on the Cow Bay Marina and other waterfront issues can be found here.

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