Monday, March 7, 2016

City views from Summit Avenue soon to be enhanced with tree trimming proposal

Tree trimming along Summit Avenue
is set to proceed as the City looks
to improve the view from the higher
elevation in the area
A memo to City Council that was included as part of Information package for tonight's City Council session outlines a plan to improve the view of the city and harbour along the south side of Summit Avenue.

The note for council members dated February 25th comes from the City's Director of Operations Richard Pucci.

In his short review he provides a response from inquiries that appear to have been made from a Closed session of Council from January 25th, with Mr. Pucci advising that he has reviewed the costs and work involved related to the trimming of trees, noting that he will advise the Operations staff to proceed.

The work as explained in the memo, will see trees trimmed from the ground up, to create view corridors while standing or sitting on the benches along the Summit Avenue area, the tree trimming plan to be used described as one which will provide for the best use of the minimal funds the City has for the project.

No disclosure of the cost or timeline for the project was revealed through the memo to the City Manager, Mayor and Council.

You can review the full correspondence below:

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