Monday, March 7, 2016

Kanata School land question back in front of Council tonight

Prince Rupert council will review
the status of the Kanata School land
zoning process tonight
A late addition to tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session will bring the topic of the Kanata School lands proposal back to the Council table, that zoning issue was tabled on December 7th after Council expressed concerns over the nature of the proposed development.

As a report to Council outlines, following that council session City Staff met with the applicant, the Bryton Group to review the status of the issue.

During the course of those discussions, the proponent noted that Council's requests did not work with the proposed development business plan, city staff then took the step of offering the proponent the option of providing an alternative plan.

That revised plan was received by the City on January 29th,  and from the report that council will review tonight, the proposed density of the project will be changed to include a mix of RM 1 and RM 3 density housing, with a proposed road way in the area to be built as a public road to the City of Prince Rupert standards.

The full report and background information related to the proposed development can be found here.

As part of tonight's proceedings, Council will review the report and decide whether to reject the application, or lift the Resolution that has the project in its holding pattern and proceed to second reading and set up the process of a Public hearing.

The delays in the zoning process have made for some lengthy discussions at Council, providing for a split at times in how Council members see development of housing proposals in the community.

School District 52 will also be waiting with some interest to learn of the fate of the zoning issue, as the pending sale of the property to the Bryton Group is subject to Zoning amendments being approved by the city.

In January the School District added the state of the Kanata School lands zoning to the growing list of frustrations with City Council, seeking answers on the delay to zoning for the land.

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