Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cow Bay Marina Fees now in place as Council passes bylaw for facility

City Council put in motion the City's plans for the new Cow Bay Marina on Monday night, as Council members voted to approve the recommendations from the City's Financial Officer setting in place the schedule of fees and bylaw requirements for the new complex at the Atlin Terminal.

The adoption of the new Bylaw to authorize the charges came following a short presentation from the City's Chief Financial Officer Corrine Bomben and the City's Economic Development Officer Paul Venditelli.

The pair provided a review of the research conducted to determine what fees and bylaw requirements should be put in place for the City's new Cow Bay Marina, as well as an update on word of how the new facility was received at a Boat Show in Seattle earlier this year.

As for the facility operations, there will be a range of fees in place at the Marina, both for short term temporary moorage and long term annual moorage uses, it was noted that the rates proposed for Prince Rupert are similar to those found at many marinas up and down the coast.

The long term slips will number no more than fifteen spots at the facility, featuring two different rates depending on the summer or winter season.

The background of the rate structure and other related information can be found below (click to enlarge):

One early concept for the public dock portion of the marina has apparently been abandoned, as Councillor Cunningham learned that a previous thought of selling fish off the dock will not be going ahead.

Councillor Thorkelson followed up that question to seek clarification on policies related to sewage facilities and whether the facility will be compliant with pollution and sewage regulations and services that may be required, also asking if there were any plans to institute a fine structure for pollution incidents at the facility.

To help Council members to better understand some of the current regulations in place, Councillor Cunningham offered up some background on the topic as it impacts on harbour facilities.

You can view the presentation and Question and Answer portion of the discussion from the City's Video Archive, it starts at the 21 minute point.

The full report and outline of rates to be in place for the facility can be found on page 31 of the Agenda package.

For more items related to Monday's Council session see our Council Timeline here, while further background on Council discussions can be found on our Council Discussion Archive page.

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