Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prince Rupert Yacht Club makes plans for major renovations

The Prince Rupert Yacht Club has
some big plans ahead for the Cow Bay
City Council gave quick passage Monday night to a request for  a Development Permit Application,  part of a what will be a major renovation of the Yacht Club site on George Hills Way in the Cow Bay District of the City.

The ambitious plan of redevelopment will see the existing Club House taken down and in its place a new much larger and more modern structure will rise over the Cow Bay Waterfront, providing for a very different look from the current site layout.

In addition to the new Club House facility, the Yacht Club plans an expansion of the parking area and other structural changes to the infrastructure of the complex as well.

Bonni-Maddison Architects developed the plan for the project which would relocate the Clubhouse further to the east of the property, with western half of the area redesigned to create the large number of parking spots for the facility.
The Prince Rupert Yacht Club
overview of the new design for the site

A full review of what they have planned can be found from page 10 of  the City's Agenda Package from Monday evening, including a number of drawings to give an excellent view as to what the project will look like once construction is completed.

Work is already underway at the facility, with preliminary excavating and other assorted prep work already in view for those that drive by the Club.

At Monday's Council session, Mayor Brain congratulated the Yacht Club on their design plans and expressed his enthusiasm to see how the project comes together.

You can review more items related to Monday's Council session from our City Council Timeline, while further background on City Council developments can be found on our Council archive page here.

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