Monday, March 21, 2016

Council to approve a number of appointments at tonight's Session

It's appointment season for the City of Prince Rupert, with City Council set to announce appointments to the Board of Directors for a number of Community Societies and Organizations tonight.

As we outlined on the blog earlier this year, the process for recruiting volunteers for the Board positions began in January with notices posted by the City seeking the names of those interested in serving the community in the available positions.

Information released through the City's Agenda for tonights Council Session indicate the following appointments to be made:

The Prince Rupert Performing Arts Centre Society will see Ms. Joanne Finlay appointed to the Board.

The Performing Arts Centre Society provides guidance to the management, staff and volunteers to the Lester Centre of the Arts. There is not much in the way of information available about the duties of the Board, but you can learn more about the Performing Arts Centre here.

Four names have been appointed to the Prince Rupert Airport Authority Board they include:

Mr. Don Scott
Ms. Gloria Rendell
Mr. Kelly Sawchuk
Mr. Knut Bjorndal

The Prince Rupert Airport Authority Board oversees developments with the Airport facilities as well as provides guidance to the City of Prince Rupert on issues related to the access to air transportation on the North Coast. Some background on the duties of the Airport Authority can be found here.

While Ms. Laurie Davie will be appointed to the Port Edward Historical Society.

The main responsibility of that Society is through its work with the popular North Coast destination of the North Pacific Cannery Historical Site in Port Edward.

You can learn more about the Society and the Port Edward site here.

More items related to tonight's Council session can be found on our Preview page.

For more background on past Council discussions can be found on our Council Archive page.

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