Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Regional District turns to Alternative Approval Process for name change consultation

The Directors of Regional District have settled on a new name and as part of the process of seeking approval they now turn to the public to indicate their interest in the proposed change from Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District to North Coast Regional District.

It's a process that Regional District Directors have been looking at since September of last year, which is when the SQCRD started with its big push to seek a name change for the regional government organization.

The guiding theme to the name change is to better reflect the geographical nature of the region served by the Regional District form of government.

To gauge the interest of the public in the topic, Regional District will be using the Alternative Approval process, where residents if Opposed to the name change are to fill out an elector Response Form and deliver it by person or by mail to the Corporate Officer at the Regional District Office at Number 14 - 342 3rd Avenue in Prince Rupert (Besner Block building which is home to Scotiabank).

The Elector Response Form for the process is available here

The deadline for submission of the form is April 29th, 2016.

The benchmark that Regional District will be watching for is 10 percent of the population or 1,126 votes against the name change to indicate enough opposition to defeat the prospect of the making the shift to North Coast Regional District.

The last time that the Alternative Approval Process was used on a local issue was in 2014, when the City of Prince Rupert put that method of consultation into effect on the topic of the city's Boundary Expansion plans.

You can learn more about the proposed name change and the nature of the Alternative Approval Process from this information item from Regional District.

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