Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cosco lines celebrates the success of its Prince Rupert gateway

Cosco Shipping Lines Prince Rupert
route continues to attract interest
from global shippers
It's an arrangement that began back in 2007, when the Cosco container service launched its presence on the Prince Rupert waterfront and judging by the comments to an influential American transportation magazine, Cosco is more than happy with how its industry footprint on the North Coast is working out.

An item in a recent edition of the Journal of Commerce offers up some glowing tributes to the Prince Rupert service highlighting the efficiencies that the Fairview Terminal has offered, from optimum weather and delay free customs clearance to the growing reputation that the Port of Prince Rupert is gaining in world shipping circles.

Growing from the early days of one shipment per week through Prince Rupert, Cosco now has three weekly calls at Fairview Terminal, with the direct links to the American markets and the ability of Prince Rupert to provide security screening upon landing as something that is on the mind of shippers who look towards future risk and how to address any issues that may need to be addressed.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority recently celebrated the return of the CoscoCCLA Fortune
to Fairview Terminal, the vessel the larges container ship ever to call on Prince Rupert.
The global shipping line recently made note of the many factors that have contributed
to its expansion of service to Fairview Terminals.
(photo courtesy of Prince Rupert Port Authority twitter feed)

Cosco's plans for Prince Rupert seem quite locked in, with further expansion of service seemingly part of their expanding shipping organization.

Cosco is also finding that more and more shippers are looking to include Prince Rupert as an option in their transportation contracts, something that can only be considered good news for Fairview and any future expansion plans that it may have.

You can review the full Journal of Commerce article here.

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