Friday, March 11, 2016

RCMP issue update on downtown pedestrian/vehicle incident of Thursday

Mid afternoon on Friday, the Prince Rupert RCMP released a statement to update the background to a motor vehicle incident that took place on Thursday morning at the corner of 2nd Avenue West and sixth Street.

In their information release, that RCMP outlined that they were called to the scene shortly after 9 AM after a 41 year old woman attempting to cross the street  and  crossing in the cross walk, was struck  by a truck that was attempting to turn onto Second Avenue West.

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue and the BC Ambulance Service were in attendance at the scene and tended to the woman who as the statement outlines: appeared to be suffering from injuries to her back, following the immediate efforts of the emergency services on the scene, she was taken to Prince Rupert Regional Hospital for further treatment.

A 41 year old woman was injured as a result of a motor vehicle/pedestrian
incident in Prince Rupert's Downtown core on Thursday morning

While the RCMP did not add more to the details of the incident in question as part of their information update, they did issue a reminder to the public to slow down on the roads and to stay off their electronic devices for public safety.

Noting further that "There are a number of factors that can lead to distracted driving and the RCMP wants drivers to know that "multi tasking" should not be done when driving. If you are concentrating on something else, you are not concentrating on your driving and what is going on around you. This puts you at a really high risk of getting into an automobile accident."

You can review the full statement from the RCMP statement here.

For more background from Northwest Emergency Services see our archive page here.

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