Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Terrace convoy today, one of three in Northern B. C. in support of LNG

If you're in the Terrace region just before the noon hour today, you may find that there is a bit of traffic congestion in the city's downtown area near the Skeena Mall, as a number of Northwest residents make their voices heard about LNG development in the region.

Supporters of LNG development in Northern British Columbia are taking to the roadways today, with truck rallies to be held in three locations in the Northern half of the province, with Terrace the Northwest location for the Noon hour event.

With the Federal Government now reviewing the environmental assessment on the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, what started as a single event in Terrace, quickly spread to Fort St. John and Fort Nelson with residents of those areas  anxious to spread word of their support for the LNG project.

Lucy Praught a community consultant in the Northwest is the organizer of the Terrace rally and she outlined what the supporters hope to achieve with today's event noting that it was "time for people like her, who support LNG, to stand up and be heard ... It’s important for people to understand we are ready to work. It’s been tough in northwestern B.C. for a while. We are ready to dust each other off and make it happen,”

After a tour of the community, the Terrace rally will finish at the parking lot at the Skeena Mall, across from Terrace City Hall.

Chief Councillor Joe Bevan of the Kitselas First Nation is scheduled to speak to the rally, where he will provide the view of his community when it comes to LNG development, providing a short preview of what he may have to say through a media release from Monday.

“Our position on LNG is based on due diligence - not just our own but the work done by other First Nations in the Northwest, the large majority of whom share our position," ... "As long as proponents maintain strong environmental standards, we support LNG because it brings jobs and growth to our Nation."

You can learn more about the Terrace rally from the Facebook page that has been created for today's event.

More background on the Pacific NorthWest LNG project can be found from our archive page.

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