Wednesday, January 25, 2017

City of Prince Rupert puts Recreation Centre renovations out for bid process

The City is looking at some renovation work for the
Jim Ciccone Civic Centre this year

As the City's elected officials settle in for Budget discussions over the next few weeks, some of the items on what might be considered the civic wish list are starting to pop up for consideration. And high on that checklist it would seem, will be some attention towards the city's recreation complex as the process moves forward.

If an entry on the Bid BC website is any indication, some significant change to parts of the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre is currently on the mind of those at City Hall, with the City of Prince Rupert looking to continue to move forward with its renovation plans for the facility, a civic landmark that is set to celebrate its 46th birthday on October 16th.

The City has issued Four Bid Requests through the BC Bid process outlining the nature of proposed upcoming work for two key elements of the Civic Centre, with work planned for both the Auditorium and Civic Centre rink complex.

Bid requests for the Replacement of the Auditorium floor
have now been issued by the City

The first item of note takes us to the Auditorium where the floor will be receiving a make over, with the City seeking bids to supply and install a cushioned vinyl sport surface for the 5368 square feet of space.  The deadline for submission of bids is February 20th.

The Arena will also see a fair amount of work through the year, with three projects planned for the that part of the Recreation Complex.

Civic Centre lighting is also on the to Do list this year

One project currently up for bid, will see the removal and replacement of the current Hi-Bay Lighting system with high efficient LED lighting, with the city looking to integrate the lighting of the arena into the Building Management system for monitoring and control

The deadline for completion of the Arena lighting work is listed as July 3rd.

A new ceiling for the Arena is also one of the areas
that the city is looking to see taken care of this year

Along with the improvements for lighting, the Arena ceiling is also set for some remediation, with the City inviting proposals to install a Low E Ceiling for the 27,000 square foot facility.

That work also carries a completion date of July 3rd.

The Two public washrooms in the Arena are also on the City's To Do list, with all counter tops, toilets, urinals sinks and faucets to be replaced with more modern fixtures as well as the creation of an accessible stall.

Those interested in submitting a bid for the Washroom project must attend a mandatory site meeting on February 1st at 10 AM

The awarding of all four of the contracts is subject to Budget Approval, while the deadline for submission of bids for all of the four proposed projects is February 20th.

You can review all of the Bid packages along with their specifications and conditions from the BC Bid website.

You can review some of the past Bid requests from the City from our archive page here.

Budget issues and planning were on the mind of City Council over the weekend and while Council may have cancelled Monday's public council session and public comment opportunity, they did hold an in camera Budget planning session over the weekend, with Mayor Lee Brain making note of their collective efforts through a Facebook post from Saturday.

As the Budget process moves forward Council will begin to highlight some of their priorities as they look to plan the financial blue print for the City for the year ahead. As those discussions move forward and the city develops it's plans we'll archive their progress here.

For more items of interest from Prince Rupert City Hall see our Council Discussion archive page here.

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